What is Happening With Furman Elite Athletes


Wow, it is hard to believe, but it is outdoor season already! The weather in Greenville is finally nice and warm and I can run in a sport bra and shorts. But what is more exciting is that it is time for Steeplechase! And I love that my training now includes jumping hurdles and water/sand pit.

For most of my team it is a base training time but my season will be starting a little bit earlier. By the end of the March I will have my first outdoor race and will be running 5 km at Raleigh Relays which is pretty exciting. However, I have not had a very good 5 km race for a while, so I hope to run a big PB. After that, in mid-April, I will be racing at the Virginia Challenge Steeplechase while all my teammates will be attending altitude training in Flagstaff, AZ.

So basically I will be training on my own for the whole month of April until the Payton Jordan in Palo Alto, California where all Furman Elite athletes will be racing. Maybe it sounds a bit sad that I am not going to altitude training. Rather than focusing on the negative, I would rather focus on the positive and while it is awesome to have company to train with, I can get better by myself as well and it will make me stronger.

This is how I am planning on going into outdoor season. I have big goals and will do my best to achieve them.  Firstly, I want to run a big PB in the 5 km, 1500 and run low 9:30 for steeplechase. The training at Furman is great and pretty challenging, it defiantly took me some time to adjust. But what else could you expect when training with the best athletes in the country? So far,I like it a lot and I really hope for great things to come in the future.


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  1. Thanks for the fun update. Furman Elite’s (self-declared) biggest fan in California is rooting for you and all our Furman Elites. We look forward to seeing everyone out here for Payton Jordan very soon! – Chris Borch

  2. Hmm het lijkt kijkt zoals je website at mijn eerste opmerking (het was extreem super lang) dus ik denk dat ik gewoon samen te vatten wat ik schreef en zeggen, ik grondig genieten van je blog. I evenals ben een aspirant blog schrijver maar ik ben nog nieuw voor alles. Heeft u tips en hints novice blog schrijvers? Ik zou zeker echt waarderen.

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