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I wanted to title this post OMG HEIDI IS AN AUSSIE CHAMP, but I didn’t want to give everything away in the first five seconds… by now, you’ve probably all seen the Instagrams and Facebook posts about how proud and freaking excited we all are– our little Mama Kitty is a champion!!

Heidi makes the perfect poster girl for Furman Elite: she encapsulates our mission with her running journey thus far. Take an equal amount of hard work (in the RIGHT direction, right Mr. Borch?), a healthy dose of dreaming, and all the ancillary pieces (coaching, health, facilities, support, a happy home life, confidence) and you have the makings of a champion. Heidi has done everything in her power to stay healthy, happy, and balanced, all while pushing her body to its limits and keeping the faith… so to see her cross the line in first, dominating the field, strong, powerful, and in control, was the most inspiring thing I’ve ever seen.

After a long stretch of being a bit disjointed, Furman Elite will finally come together tomorrow evening in Flagstaff, Arizona, for our spring altitude trip. We have four weeks– 3 track workouts, 3 long runs, 30 days– to take advantage of one last big training push before our racing season, as a team, begins. This is an important time– this is when our trajectory either continues to slope upwards or stalls out, huffing and puffing to a flatline. I believe everyone in this group is ready for something big; our workouts here at home (or, in Jeff + Heidi’s case, races in Australia) have been solid, everyone is healthy and happy, and everyone is eagerly anticipating the workload we have ahead of us.

Watch out world– Furman Elite is coming for you! Stay tuned to our Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook— we’ll be sharing the journey with you all month long!



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