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It’s here– the year we’ve been waiting for since we crossed the finish line at our respective races during the 2012 Olympic Trials. 2016. The next Olympic Year. Another attempt at making the hardest team in the world to make and the next chance to chase our wildest, grandest dreams.

Does that sound like a lot of pressure? It is– and yet, it isn’t. It’s an opportunity.

Most people use the start of the new year as a time to set different goals, refresh their lifestyle, and make some resolutions. But for Furman Elite and the year we plan to have, I say down with resolutions and in with a theme; for 2016, I hope this group can set an intention, a mantra that will see us through months of hard work and many moments on a big starting line.

Opportunity. Coach talks about this word often. We have a limited number of opportunities each season to achieve the different facets of our goals. An opportunity to run a standard. An opportunity to make a team. An opportunity to be brave and to run with confidence (maybe a confidence we have to fake, but confidence nonetheless). Sometimes we don’t get the best, top-notch opportunities, like a spot in a Diamond League or a race with a star rabbit pacing the pack to some personal bests– but that just means that we have to control our own destiny and make opportunities wherever we can, be that in a race at home with our teammates pacing us or at a smaller meet where we can win, instead of just hold on to the hoard of runners ahead of us. Whatever our opportunity is, we have to grasp it with open minds, able bodies, and excited hearts.

In a year where some of the best runners can succumb to the intense pressure of making a team and where some underdogs will shock the world, we need to approach our goals with eagerness AND stability. We need to take the pressure off this year and see it all as a great opportunity to achieve our goals.

The best thing about opportunities versus expectations? There is always another opportunity on the horizon. If we fall short of our goals, knowing we gave it our all, we’ll have the confidence to understand there’s going to be another opportunity again.

What is your theme for 2016? How will you approach your goals?  


Steph Steeples


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