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Hello all,

When thinking about directions for my first Furman Elite blog post I have found myself mostly reflecting on the time I’ve spent in Greenville since joining the group. Myself and all 7 new members of AFE have a handful of months under our belts and it has been an important time because we all showed up in Greenville and began a new life. Now that 2016 is ending it feels like the intro phase to Furman elite is definitely over for me and life with the group is solidifying. This seems like a good place to recount some highlights of the past few months.

First though, since it’s my first post I can give some context as far as my background and path to Furman Elite for those that may be interested. This is my first time living outside of Colorado. Canon City is home for me. It’s a small city where the Arkansas river exits the mountains and journeys towards the Mississippi. We are known in CO for having about a dozen prisons in the county and for natural wonders like the Royal Gorge which is a place with 1000 foot cliffs and a hefty bridge spanning it. I was lucky to grow up there and proud to call it home. The college days were spent close to home at Adams State in southern colorado. Eligibility lasted 5 years and my last semester I ran a fast steeple that enabled me to very fortunately sign with Asics. I stuck around Adams for my first pro year, the Olympic season. In the meantime Asics and Furman Elite joined forces and after the 2016 trials it was a natural transition for me to join new Asics group, and that leads us to now.

It has been interesting being part of AFE. Other than Steph Garcia, the veteran of the group, we are all brand new. Because of this the group has bonded well and we have been able to make it our own with Coach Gary’s guidance, which has been great. Looking back on the last 4 months, I’ve come up with my top 7 memories, in no particular order, which may give you an idea of life in Furman Elite.

7. Blue Ridge Parkway road trip. This is definitely one of Hoover’s favorite places ever and he guided all of us to the top of Mt. Mitchell like a pro. It was quite beautiful

6. One day Erin and I wanted to get out of the apartments so we bought some kid-sized golf clubs that weren’t even putters and went to Greenville’s very unique free mini golf course. It’s a wild life.

5. Our apartments have a pool! I can speak for the group that we like to lounge out there.

4. The food perks of Furman Elite. With our ID cards we can get in Furman’s cafeteria for very cheap. Caf night is a very special occasion for all the guys.

3. The tree removal. Back in the wooded trails of campus a tree fell at an angle through our path. Difficult to go over or under it. Hoover and I took his hatchet out there and dealt with it. It took every minute of an hour with us both whacking at it. But now we have something to be proud of.

2. The hike in Sedona. Ryan took us to a trail that went up some Sedona red rock to an overlook with towering cliffs. Everyone made it to the top and it was a beautiful day.

1. This really is number 1. Thanksgiving in Flagstaff was unbelievable. Hoover’s mother came out and prepared a meal that I will never forget. The house was packed with merry people and we had a great time.

Here’s to more cool memories in the future. Thanks for reading, seeya next time.

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  1. Great first blog. Love hearing about all of your experiences as a group. I really enjoy the great instagram photos too. From the far depths of Canada, the group sure looks like it is working hard and bonding beautifully. Best wishes for a great upcoming indoor season to everyone Asics Furman Elite.

  2. SC isn’t Colorado but Furman is a great place for some great running. We are glad you now call Greenville your home away from home.

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