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Warning: this will probably be THE CHEESIEST post to ever grace runfurman.com– but that’s why the powers that be brought me here: to add a little extra mushiness to this group of gutsy, badass runners!

June is here! Track just. got. real. The outdoor season isn’t just in full swing– it’s go time, and the next two months will be a flurry of chaos, sweat, blood, tears of joy, #robertgary hashtags, travel, suitcases, and A standards. Lots of them. So before we get too far into this phase of our seasons, I wanted to give a quick shout-out to those that make our world possible.

Furman University. The powers that be at FU has made the dreams of nearly a dozen post-collegiate athletes possible. We would not be here without this wonderful university— especially the enthusiastic and wonderful Athletic Director Gary Clark– and we are so grateful that Furman has given us the opportunity to pursue our Olympic Dreams in such a beautiful place with such a supportive community!

Chris Borch. We are so lucky that the number one fan of Furman track is also our biggest supporter. Through his generous giving and his infinite wisdom (before I ran a big PB in Puerto Rico a few weeks ago, Chris’ mantra “Hard work in the wrong direction is just hard work” was running through my head!), Furman Elite is made possible. We run for you Chris!

Our Stakeholders. Every single person who has donated time, money, good will, and love to Furman Elite… we are so lucky to have you.

Performance Therapy. Brad! We have the opportunity to see an awesome ART therapist every week here in Greenville and it is one of the most amazing parts of our existence! I know I personally see Brad every week for maintenance and it has kept me ahead of any aches and pains, let alone a full-blown injury! Thank you for all your time and support Brad!

Fleet Feet Greenville. This fabulous running speciality store is not only a big fan of Furman Elite, but it employs two of our members! We are all grateful for the existence of Fleet Feet!

The Greenville Track Club. The running community in Greenville is growing steadily and the camaraderie and goodwill of GTC helps keep us moving forward! The members of GTC (and GTC Elite) run with us, race with us, and come out to support us when we race in the area– thank you!

The Furman XC + Track Team. Of course, there’s a real team here at Furman and we are so lucky to be a tiny part of this burgeoning track program. We are lucky to have a few extra guys and girls to train with; the team is so gracious to let us share their facilities, their coaches, and their enthusiasm. We are very, very lucky to be here with this group of young athletes!

New York Road Runners. Thank you for giving us extra support this year! We love being a part of the extended NYRR community!

Mickie! Mickie– you are awesome. Thank you for being part of Furman Track & Field!

Chris + Cari + Merrick. Chris has been so incredibly helpful for ALL of us. I can only speak from my personal experience, but it’s been the biggest difference when he’s around for a workout– his encouragement and his own style of cheering us on helps me when I’m on the verge of a breakdown! And if it’s possible to be cooler than Chris, Cari is it. I love when she’s around! AND Merrick is the most darling little one ever. He helps round out our rough edges with his adorableness.

Chad! #TheChad. Is there anything else to say? We are so thankful for Chad in our lives. He makes every day, every trip, every practice better.

Jeff See. The leader of this ragtag group, Jeff is without question the steam that keeps this train running (Do trains run on steam? You know what I mean!). Jeff, thank you for the countless hours you spend a) hanging out with Mama Kitty, because we really need her and you make her happy; b) working on this beautiful and easy to navigate website!; c) being a real leader-by-example. You rock!

And, of course, Robert and Rita (and Percy) Gary. We would not be here without you Robert. You are our biggest supporter– there is no one more passionate about Furman Elite, as athletes and as people, than you. Rita– you are the coolest ever and I want to be you when I grow up. Percy– thank you for sharing your parents with us!

A few other personal gratitude notes… to my training partners, Heidi (you are my everything) and Nicole (you are my idol and I’m serious. It’s a real privilege to train with you); Rob (thanks for letting me eat your dinner leftovers every other night); New Balance; my beautiful yoga teacher Maryanne, massage therapist Mickie, and the entire team at The Center of Bliss in Greenville (if you are at all interested in Ashtanga, go now!); my family; my friends; my community at home in Charlottesville (thanks for letting me pursue this Olympic Dream without any regrets).

Thank you, thank you, thank you!


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  1. I realize that this was written by Stephanie an eon ago….but I just now read it. Cheesy? Yes. Heartfelt and well deserved by at least the people mentioned that I know? Oh yeah. Are there better people in our sport than Chris and Gary?!?

    Stephanie – – We look forward to being able to post all your (cheesy or otherwise) thoughts on AthleteBiz someday 🙂

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