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Here we go again… time for another year of Furman Elite-ing!

The team is back in Greenville and rolling on our fall base training. For some, it’s Club Cross-Country on the horizon; for others, the Indoor Track season, Australian Championships season, and USA Cross-Country is motivating our miles. But one thing is universal: training together will always trump training solo.

To get you reacquainted with Furman Elite, I’ve put together a few personality comparisons– so far, they’re fairly accurate!


Furman Elite as the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles:

Leonardo (the blue one): Jeff | “Tactical, courageous, devout, bears the burden of responsibility for his brothers”– yup, that’s Jeff.

Michelangelo (orange): Craig | “An easy-going and free-spirited prankster”

Raphael (red): Cory | “The team’s bad boy… physically strong, aggressive, fierce and sarcastic, intensely loyal.”

Donatello (purple): Michael | “The least violent turtle, preferring to use his knowledge to solve conflicts.”

Splinter: Robert

April: Heidi / Stephanie | A reporter who helps the turtles = both our writer sensibilities

Casey Jones: Chad | Casey is a vigilante who helps the turtles; his weapon of choice includes a golf club, which really speaks to Chad’s consistent golfing this fall.

Furman Elite as Seinfeld

Jerry: Jeff

Elaine: Heidi

Kramer: Craig | He’s the eccentric neighbor who is at times naive and immature, other times insightful and wise. His charm and easygoing manner leads to his constant success.

George: Stephanie | “He is portrayed as a loser who is perpetually insecure about his capabilities.” Enough said!

Newman: Cory

Frank + Estelle: Robert + Rita

Mickey (Kramer’s Friend): Michael / Isaac

Susan (George’s fiancee): Melissa | Just because she’s to be my new roommate! Sorry Mel.


Furman Elite as Disney Princesses

Snow White: Cory | Snow White has that gang of dwarfs around her at all times– this feels like something Cory would enjoy. Also, classic beauty is one way to describe Cory!

Cinderella: Isaac | Just a simple, beautiful princess with big dreams!

Aurora: Melissa | Uber beautiful and sophisticated, but “plucky and opinionated.”

Ariel: Michael | “Fiercely independent and a dreamer, bold and a risk-taker.”

Belle: Stephanie | Belle was ALWAYS my favorite. I think it was her love of books.

Jasmine: Heidi | The one princess who wears a midriff-baring top HAS to be Heidi. But it’s really Jasmine’s “fierce, bold, and confident” personality that links the two together.

Pocahontas: Jeff | “Noble, independent, wise beyond her years, offers kindness and guidance to those around her.”

Mulan: Craig | “Courageous and self-reliant, intelligent and determined.”

Rapunzel: Wilkerson | THAT HAIR.





all descriptions courtesy Wikipedia / image one, image two, image three

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