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After being made fun of mercilessly the first couple weeks by Robert I started to settle in to Greenville. After a bit of a rough 2016 season I was very excited to get to work. We began to get introduced some new things that none of us had ever done we but we knew would … Continued

Highlights of Greenville

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Hello all, When thinking about directions for my first Furman Elite blog post I have found myself mostly reflecting on the time I’ve spent in Greenville since joining the group. Myself and all 7 new members of AFE have a handful of months under our belts and it has been an important time because we … Continued


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The definition of rigor is the quality of being extremely thorough, exhaustive, or accurate. I have no idea how long this word will be at the forefront of our minds in this training cycle but I hope it stays throughout my entire time here. I am unable to do anything now without thinking of rigor … Continued

Hashtag Road to Riocovery

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It is going to suck to write this. I’m going to shed some tears, struggle to put my emotions into words, and think about all the things that could have been. However, I’m at the point now where I feel it is necessary. Not only because I owe it to myself to begin to find … Continued

Furman Elite 1500 Start Lists

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Live Results Schedule Women 8:00p Men 8:20p   MEN’S FIELD Cory Leslie (NIKE) Rabbit (3:34.93 – 1500, 3:53.44 – MILE, 8:19.12 – Steeple) 2015 PAN AMERICAN GAMES BRONZE MEDALIST IN STEEPLECHASE Duncan Phillips (BROOKS) 5 X NCAA ALL-AMERICAN PB’s 3:39.06 (1500) and 3:56.10 (MILE) Tomas Cotter (ASICS FURMAN ELITE) 2015 IRELAND NATIONAL CHAMPION STEEPLE, … Continued