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After being made fun of mercilessly the first couple weeks by Robert I started to settle in to Greenville. After a bit of a rough 2016 season I was very excited to get to work. We began to get introduced some new things that none of us had ever done we but we knew would help take us to the next level. Different plyos, hurdles and strengthening exercises to help us improve as runners and all-around athletes. Some of it was difficult at first, as Tabor concisely stated “we never did any of this s**t at Adams! We just ran and slept!”

Following a good fall base buildup we headed up to 7000 ft in Flagstaff, Arizona. This was my first real altitude training experience so I enjoyed knowing how much better I was getting. If you have never been, I can tell you that running at altitude is no joke. Luckily we had Caleb who is essentially a local, having gone to NAU for the last 5 years, to show us all the best trails. At the end of the trip I discovered I was a very high (no pun intended) altitude responder, with my hemoglobin going up 12% in a month.

On the doorstep of indoor I’m excited to hopefully run some personal bests and win some races. On my schedule are a rust-buster 800m at Vanderbilt, the JDL Mile, Millrose Games definitively and a few other tentative races.

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