2015: Better Together

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Training with a group is a huge advantage– you have people to run with everyday! you don’t have to be responsible for hitting paces and sludging through tough workouts alone! you have a community of people who share the same dream living out said dreams!– but there are inevitably hard things too: clashing personalities, competitive tension, egos, miscommunications. Being part of a group is a privilege, but it also requires you to be a bit selfless and compassionate to your teammates (not easy when our sport requires us to be TOTALLY SELFISH in order to succeed).

As Furman Elite rolls into 2015, we gather back in Greenville, whole for the first time in weeks. At practice yesterday morning, we convened upon the track like a starving man at a feast: Melissa, Heidi, and I dominated our first session on the track together; Cory, Michael, and Isaac gritted through the wind to complete a solid workout; and Jeff, Wilky, and Craig braved the golf course for some grueling cross-country training. It was a brief moment together– Craig heads out to represent Team USA in Scotland this weekend, while CJ has the privilege of watching THE Ohio State take on Oregon at the big game next week–but Furman Elite finally felt right again.

When you join a group, you have to remember that each of your teammates is a person, with as many conflicts, emotions, and dreams as you. I don’t think I took the time in the fall to really connect with each of my teammates as I should have, which sometimes makes going to practice a job, not a joy. As Coach likes to remind us, we’re always “better together,” and my 2015 resolution is to celebrate each one of my Furman Elite friends early and often in our seasons to come.

So, to each of my teammates:


Heidi: Love ya Mama Kitty and meow, I’m going to miss training with you while you’re Down Under.

Melissa: Love ya Mel and I’m looking forward to many successful runs and hopefully some dinner parties with our new kitchen table.

Jeff: Papa Kitty, you are the hardest working man I know and I appreciate everything you do for Furman Elite.

Michael: Keep your head up because you have some wicked talent and all your work is going to pay off big time this summer.

Isaac: So glad you’re healthy again and we need to get that book club going!

Craigy: Thank you for always being such a great member of this group and caring for everyone.

Cory: We all adore you. You dominate speed circuit and it totally inspires me.

Wilky: Even though you seem to be the quietest in the group, I enjoy talking to you the most.


Cheers to a new year ya’ll! See you on the track…


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