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Saturday, June 4th

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    Hashtag Road to Riocovery

    Furman Elite Blog

    It is going to suck to write this. I’m going to shed some tears, struggle to put my emotions into words, and think about all the things that could have been. However, I’m at the point now where I feel it is necessary. Not only because I owe it to myself to begin to find … Continued

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    Elite News

    Live Results Schedule Women 8:00p Men 8:20p   MEN’S FIELD Cory Leslie (NIKE) Rabbit (3:34.93 – 1500, 3:53.44 – MILE, 8:19.12 – Steeple) 2015 PAN AMERICAN GAMES BRONZE MEDALIST IN STEEPLECHASE Duncan Phillips (BROOKS) 5 X NCAA ALL-AMERICAN PB’s 3:39.06 (1500) and 3:56.10 (MILE) Tomas Cotter (ASICS FURMAN ELITE) 2015 IRELAND NATIONAL CHAMPION STEEPLE, … Continued


    Furman Elite Blog

    The next hit Beyoncé sings better be about a new queen: our favorite Aussie Heidi See recaptured her Australian National title and WON the Australian Olympic Trials on Saturday!! *cue the happy dance* By now you’ve definitely heard the news, so I know this isn’t a revelation to you. But I wanted to pop by and … Continued

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